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About Voltsafe

It does not matter where in the world you live; electricity is a dominant force that is needed by all of us. Safety is still a questionable concern as parents continue to baby-proof plug outlets and we all take care to not electrocute ourselves, or overheat devices.  

Simplicity would be appreciated as we look for the right outlets for the right number of prongs, or face the international differences between plugs. Economically we would all value some smart savings too. As developed as electricity already is, there is still room for transformation. Voltsafe has identified the room for development and has brought an all-new electrical plug into the market that offers safety, simplicity, and smarts too.

Founded by Arash Janfada, Voltsafe is redefining the way the world connects to electricity. The patented technology features the world’s first electrical outlet that offers a sustainable, easy, and safe electrical connection that can be used worldwide. VoltSafe’s plug technology uses proximity and sensing-based actuation methods. The smart design has all of the electrical contacts exposed and de-energized. The flow of electricity actuates when the plug sides magnetically connect together. As soon as the plug is removed from the magnet outlet then the flow of electricity immediately ends. Baby proofing a home, and keeping children safe from electrical outlets that are always live, just became easier with this new technological innovation. Their safety is so enhanced that even water being poured onto the plug or outlet would not cause electrocution or a fire.

The design eliminates international plug adapters and the need to use different outlets for different prong type plugs. There are no specifically shaped prongs to fit only certain outlets; only two magnets doing all the work. It can be adapted to any voltage and amperage worldwide, making it even more user-friendly anywhere you travel. The adaptability of the voltage and amperage also enables you to monitor the amount of energy being consumed by individual outlets. This means you can be more energy conscious monitoring the granular breakdown of electricity usage in your home or office space.

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The prong-less, magnetic functionality was specifically designed for engine block heaters and has proven to be a game-changer for those cold weather drivers. The simple and fast connection of the magnetic extension cord offers relief to drivers in frigid weather when frustration is least wanted, especially with regular extension cords. If you have ever driven away with your vehicle still plugged in, then you will appreciate this new magnetic cord. If safety was not enough, then you will welcome the app that is linked to the product; it offers a controlled timer, enabling you to control the power usage. 

Voltsafe has not stopped with just the engine block heater plugs and are currently developing new products for electric vehicles, homes, boats, and much more. We can all appreciate growing innovation and look forward to their new products.

Saving energy, time, and money is easy with the Voltsafe Winter app. The Voltsafe plugs have built-in timers; when they are linked to Bluetooth you are then able to schedule when you would like the plug to turn on and off. You can monitor and control your use of electricity with the app-controlled timer. Saving money and using electricity economically is a winner for anyone who enjoys added simplicity in their lifestyle.

VoltSafe is gaining momentum, its go-to-market strategy includes creating new iterations of the magnetic plug internally and through licensing deals. They are on-board for welcoming new investors too. If you would like to find out more about their product offerings, and stay up to date with their new developments, then you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram by searching for voltsafetech. They can also be found on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/voltsafe/) and on Facebook too (https://web.facebook.com/VoltSafe/?_rdc=1&_rdr).

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