A Little about a Startup Called Product Hunt

Product Hunt is something to keep an eye on.

Time is of the essence as our days become busier and fast-paced!  If you are looking for a tech-product on the web, you will want a one-stop site. That is why we have Producthunt.com. The site features new technology products, mobile apps, and websites every day, it allows product-loving enthusiasts to come together and share in all the latest developments, whether they sharing their own product submissions, or enjoy browsing the interesting submissions of others.

Product Hunt was founded by Ryan Hoover in November 2013 and is backed by Y Combinator. The company’s headquarters is based in San Francisco. Ryan Hoover is an experienced blogger and writer; he started writing about start-ups and product designs a year before launching.

“influenced by being a blogger helpped him shape this product ….  he was already exploring what new products were available on the market.” – Jermaine Vanryck (vanryckventure)


How it works.

Going into its 7th year of running, Product Hunt features the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware products, and tech creations.  Once the user has made a submission of their own to Product Hunt (which is listed daily in a linear format). The submission will start in the newest feed on the page. Once listed, there is a comment and voting system for other users to rate the submission. The products with the most votes will make their way to the top of each day’s listing. The website remains interactive daily with this comment and voting system. Once a product has gained significant interest, it has the opportunity to be promoted to the homepage. Once on the homepage, the community can explore the product further and do more upvoting. They  also have a live chat extension on its website which allows for more community interaction.

What is in it for a submitted product making its way to the top of Product Hunt? The winners will receive a Golden Kitty trophy together with bragging rights and ‘swag’. Once the winners have been announced, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the trophies to arrive.  This leading to the winners enjoying their bragging rights!



Where to now, and what further developments have happened?

They definitely have not been complacent with their current success and interaction of their website. In November 2016, AngelList acquired Product Hunt for $20 million, however, this acquisition was never confirmed by Product Hunt or AngelList when mentioned in interviews. With or without confirmation of the alleged acquisition, 2017 proved to be a great year thereafter; Product Hunt launched “Ship”, a new toolkit for makers to ship their products. Ship allows makers to create Upcoming Pages before the product has been made publicly available.   In September 2017, the company went on to publish a book titled, “How to Build a Career in Tech”. The book includes the best career advice received from over 550 chats found on the website. In July 2019, Product Hunt rose again with some innovation for its website with the release of “Launch Day”, a feature that enables users to monitor their launch in real-time.

With some exploration around the Product Hunt website and new developments keeping them “fresh”, they definitely have an innovative website to keep an eye on. For further interaction with Product Hunt, join their Product Hunt meetups for a fun opportunity to mingle with other fellow product lovers, or have a look at their Founder Club; a subscription service that gives you access to huge savings on tools that can help kick-start and grow your business. To explore further, find them on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/producthunt/ and join 11000+ followers, or look for them on Twitter (@ProductHunt) to keep up to date with their latest news.  Please remember to make sure that you stay on top all the latest news in the startup community on VanryckVenture.

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