Can the Startup Adriel Help you with Marketing?

Adriel is a South Korean startup that looks to change the way small businesses advertise to consumers. Adriel has been doing a great job getting the word out that they now have a market in the United States and also the United Kingdom. Some may say that this might be a bad time due to the COVID-19 pandemic however for the co-founder Sophie Eom this is business as usual. “This may prove to be worth a look at for angels / Venture Capital firms” states Jermaine Vanryck in a phone meeting.“In times like this, for a startup to main growth is an amazing strength and shows great leadership of Sophie and her team”. Some details that have been out in the open thanks to Tech Crunch shows Adriel increased by 7% in February, 6% in March and may be leaning towards 8% in April!

So how does Adriel work?

Adriel’s technology automatically generates creative materials and suggests keywords for ads, as well as managing the targeting. But there’s also a human team that reviews campaigns and suggests ways to improve. The company does not require retainers or contracts but charges a 19% fee on ad spend. “For the true founders this can be a hefty fee but if it proves to work it call eliminate using some digital agencies” Jermaine Vanryck stated.  


What the numbers look like?

Adriel has launched 7,200 campaigns for nearly 20,000 business accounts. Last funding Series A. Total funding amount 6.5 Million. Adriel is also trending towards 1% growth in April of 2020. 

Vanryck Venture Take (B) 

Adriel has a very promising future and we think that it may change the way small businesses advertise. We wished we could have done an investment. I believe in Sophie and her team. Time will tell where she takes this startup.  

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